Transform Knee Care Through Advanced Personalisation​ with ZBEdge

​At Zimmer Biomet, we believe that purposeful technology can enhance surgical performance and meet rising patient’s expectations, by aiming to restore each ​patient’s unique knee kinematics and personalising each knee replacement.

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Personalised Implants

Central to ZBEdge Knee Solutions is Persona®, The Personalized Knee®, designed for a more natural feeling knee. It offers more anatomic shapes, and improved patient fit1. It’s anatomic tibia minimises compromise between coverage and rotation2 of the tibial tray whilst the medial congruent (MC) bearing plays a crucial role in mimicking the kinematics of the native knee3. The result may be a more natural feeling knee and it can contribute to patients’ satisfaction4.​

Personalised Procedures

The combination of ROSA® Knee and Persona helps you target a higher level of personalisation for each patient's procedure5. By objectively measuring soft tissue tension in real-time, you can predictively plan a balanced knee replacement before any resections are performed. ​Plan and execute with ROSA Knee each procedure with precision and reproducibility6. It can be achieved using the approach and technique of your choice, including Personalised Alignment.​ Enrich your intra-operative personalised experience with OptiVu™ Mixed Reality to educate, collaborate and visualise in new individualised ways.​ Go beyond with ROSA Efficient Care to further the personalisation of the OR robotic workflow and aim for efficiency gains and empowered care teams.

Personalised Experiences (1)
Personalised Experiences

ZBEdge influences both patients’ and care teams' experiences. ​Our evidence-based Rapid Recovery® programme is designed to optimise pathways throughout the episode of care to further improve outcomes, care teams engagement and efficiencies. ​It can be complemented with mymobility® Care Management Platform which provides a guided experience to engage patients in their recovery. It incorporates automation, customised content, data reports on the whole episode of care and insights. Associated with our first Artificial Intelligence Model, WalkAI™ Patient Progress, Care Teams can monitor your patients’ progress after knee and hip replacement surgeries through daily personalised gait speed recovery predictions. This will help them them identify if their patients are on track with their recovery.

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