Rapid Recovery

The Rapid Recovery Programme supports the enhancement of the entire continuum of care, from pre-operative patient education to peri-operative efficiencies and post-operative support to promote early mobilisation, rehabilitation, discharge and beyond, with evidence based clinical protocols.

The Rapid Recovery Programme supports primary Hip, Knee and Shoulder ArthroplastyOutpatient Arthroplasty Surgery, and Fragility Hip Fracture treatment.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Implementing the changes needed to maintain a high quality of care requires coordinated management. Using the latest evidenced based Rapid Recovery protocols, our team of specialists work with you to make the clinical and operational changes so you can keep delivering a high standard of care1.

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Lower Cost of Care

Boosting capacity and reducing the cost of care are some of the issues hospitals face. Through standardisation of clinical and operational processes, Rapid Recovery has been shown to help lower the cost of care, whilst still delivering optimal patient outcomes2.

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Better Engagement and Satisfaction

By creating a team with common goals including that of improving patient care, staff motivation and morale can be lifted, especially when those involved see results. Patients report having better engagement and satisfaction in their surgical journey resulting in a better quality of life3.

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Patient Testimonials
Hip, Knee and Shoulder

Our expert team of consultants have been implementing Rapid Recovery for more than 25 years across more than 250 hospitals. Hospitals that have implemented Rapid Recovery have seen the following benefits: improved quality of life4,5, reduced post-discharge pain, morbidity and rehabilitation3,6,7, lower rate of mortality8, better functional outcomes9, higher patient satisfaction, engagement and education6,10, reduced treatment costs and improved efficiency4,5.


Our Rapid Recovery Outpatient Programme is designed to partner with hospitals ready to take the next step towards outpatient surgery for elective joints. It aims at empowering hospitals with the intend to achieving day of surgery discharge. Benefits may include: improved financial performance11,12, upgraded clinical care quality against lower treatment cost12 and improved patient satisfaction13. All while maintaining low readmission and complication rates14.

Fragility Fracture

Literature shows that structured hip fracture programmes offer great benefits to the often elderly patients that suffer from fragility fracture and their healthcare providers21. The potential benefits include: optimised patient pathway allowing earlier access to surgery, mobilisation and reduced 30 day mortality16-23. Length of stay can be reduced through efficient service delivery and meeting discharge criteria24-29, overall improved quality of care coordinated by a multi-disciplinary team30-33.

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What is Rapid Recovery?