Operating Room Efficiency

The operating room (OR) is one of the most costly environments of the hospital accounting for up to 40% of hospital costs and can cost approximately €50 per minute (1). At Zimmer Biomet we understand the importance of:

  • Time management

  • Resource utilisation

  • Minimising waste

  • Optimising Processes

Our operating room efficiency (OREP) and ROSA Efficient Care programmes help hospital teams in creating optimal conditions for surgery for the best possible outcome - for every patient, every time.

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Foster High Performing Teams

We enhance collaboration among the peri-operative healthcare teams, enabling better comprehension, expertise and proficiency in orthopaedic procedures. Creating an environment that fosters high performing teams.

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Reduced Variability

By reducing non-value adding processes and variations without compromising the quality of care delivered, we aim to reduce variability in scheduling and standardised planning and procedure costs.

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Standardised Workflows

Achieve consistent, optimal outcomes by eliminating processes and variations that do not add value. We aim to optimise operating room capacity, productivity and efficiency.

ROSA® Efficient Care

ROSA Efficient Care is a data-driven programme designed to accelerate OR efficiencies, with the aim of achieving time-neutral or faster procedures compared to your current standard.

At Zimmer Biomet, we believe that a robotic-assisted procedure should be as efficient as your current standard.

With the help of ROSA Efficient Care surgeons and OR teams can unlock efficiencies by following standardised procedures. Reduce waste in processes, preparing you for an efficient integration of the ROSA Robot.

See ROSA Efficient Care in action

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ROSA Efficient Care
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Seamless Integration
ROSA Efficient Care

Designed to optimise perioperative processes and interventions to allow for a seamless integration of new technologies, whilst delivering time savings.

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Interdisciplinary Alignment
ROSA Efficient Care Standardised Multidisciplinary Alignment

Multidisciplinary standardised protocols that enhance the common knowledge of workflows to facilitate the regular utilisation of technologies.

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Quality Care
ROSA Efficient Care

Maintaining the quality of care despite eliminating non-value adding processes and variations.​

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