SpeedSnare® Surgical Suture Passer

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SpeedSnare® Surgical Suture Passer

The SpeedSnare Surgical Suture Passer is the first single step system with right and left curvatures to accommodate both hip and shoulder labrum suture passing techniques.  Designed for the ability to pass and retrieve in one step, it has “suture locked” and “suture sliding” positions.

Multiple Applications With Multiple Tip Configurations
  • Left, right, and up bends to address various hip and shoulder labral pathologies

  • 30° and 60° up bends allow retrograde rotator cuff suture passing techniques and also addresses subscap applications

  • The SpeedSnare Straight device can be used in straight tunnel suture passing, for tendon transfer applications, and to shuttle suture through grafts in superior capsular reconstruction cases

Locked And Sliding Positions
  • Pass and retrieve suture or suture tape in one step with one portal, eliminating the need for additional suture management tools

  • Device locks suture or allows suture to freely slide during passing, depending on desired technique

SpeedSnare and SpeedSnare Reverse
  • SpeedSnare Suture Passing Devices are designed with the sharp tip of the shaft on the inside of the curve, with the orientation of the sharp tip and the suture grasper facilitates optimal suture grasping

  • SpeedSnare Reverse Suture Passing Devices are designed with the sharp tip of the shaft on the outside of the curve to facilitate tissue penetration