Quattro® X Suture Anchors

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Quattro® X Suture Anchors

The Quattro X and X3 Suture Anchors provide an efficient, strong, and stable solution for rotator cuff repair. Available in 5.5mm and 6.5mm, and triple-loaded 5.5mm anchor sizes.

Assortment of Configurations

This anchor platform offers a variety of sizes loaded with #2 round suture in double and triple loaded options and double loaded BroadBand™ Tape in sliding and non-sliding variations.

  • Quattro X Suture Anchor with BroadBand Tape is the first-to-market threaded suture anchor with a sliding and non-sliding suture tape configuration

  • The dual channel eyelet design allows for smooth suture sliding and expedited suture management across all platforms

Unique Rounded Distal Anchor Tip

Surgeons are able to find pilot holes with the 'seekers- tip' design of the anchor without catching on extraneous tissue.

Tapered, Dual Thread Design

Quattro X Suture Anchors have remarkable pull-out strength of 447N1 and 568N1, for the Quattro X 5.5mm and Quattro X3 5.5mm respectively along with suture strength of 289N2.

Reliability in bone makes anchors suitable for medial row use in double row or single row repair.