ZipTight™ Fixation System

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ZipTight™ Fixation System

Designed for AC joint reconstruction, ZipTight is a low-profile and knotless suture fixation system with ZipLoop® Technology. It offers an alternative to rigid stainless steel screws for repairing ankle syndesmosis joint disruptions and acute AC joint reconstruction.

The system includes a smaller version of the easy-to-flip ToggleLoc™ Fixation Device for medial side fixation and a round button for lateral fixation connected by MaxBraid™ suture. The ZipTight Fixation System, available with titanium buttons, allows for micro-motion during healing, closely mimicking the patient's true joint mechanics.

  • Knotless system that eliminates knot profile on the top of the clavicle

  • Two Button system with ZipLoop Technology

  • MaxBraid Suture coracoid and clavicle fixation with #7 MaxBraid Suture

  • ToggleLoc device pusher/plunger technique eliminates having to shuttle suture when fixating the initial coracoid button