EZPass™ Suture Passing System

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EZPass™ Suture Passing System

A suture passing system designed with seven different curvatures to provide multiple options for shoulder arthroscopy.

Multiple Options
  • Seven different curvatures to provide multiple options from any position portal

  • Curvatures include; 90° up, 45° up, 45° dog leg up, 70° left, 70° right, 30° left, 30° right

  • Sharp, low profile tips to enhance the ease of tissue penetration while reducing tissue trauma

Ease of Use
  • Unique coloured handle for each option

  • Thumb wheel for quick and easy advancement of the nitinol passing kite

  • Ergonomic handle design for a natural, relaxed grip

  • Disposable instrument, packaged sterile and ready for surgical use

Braided Nitinol Kite
  • Optimised and combined with an oxide coating to minimise the friction transferred to soft tissue