Avantage® Dual Mobility Cup System

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Avantage® Dual Mobility Cup System

Zimmer Biomet introduced the Avantage System in 1998 to address patients with high risk of dislocation. Avantage is a Dual Mobility Acetabular System combining a proprietary anatomical cup design and a unique ultra-low wear polyethylene. Since 2005, the Avantage System has been the N°1 cementless and cemented dual mobility cup on the market.1

The system`s anatomic design offers joint stability 2 and a large range of motion.3

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Clinical Results

Survival rate at 9 years.4

Dislocation rate.5

Survival rate at mean 7.2 years, Fresard et al, Multicentre Study.6

Superior Cap

Helps reduce risk of superior dislocation.

Anatomic Aperture

Helps reduce the risk of impingement and increases ROM.

Flattened Pole

Helps increase peripheral load.

Smooth Superior-Inferior Transition

Helps reduce soft tissue irritation.

E1® Antioxidant Infused Polyethylene
  • Maximises strength

  • Maximises wear resistance

  • Prevention of oxidation

Optimum Flexibility

The Avantage System offers three cup variants to address a wide range of indications:

  • Avantage Reload

  • Avantage 3P

  • Avantage Cemented

  • Primary Hip Replacement

  • Complex Hip Replacement

  • Revision Hip Replacement

  • Dual Mobility

  • Primary Hip Arthroplasty

  • Complex Hip Arthroplasty

  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty