Arcos® Modular Femoral Revision System

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Arcos® Modular Femoral Revision System

The Arcos Modular Femoral Revision System meets the demands of complex hip revision surgery by offering surgeons and OR staff the ability to customise both the hip implant and its corresponding instruments.

Three Proximal and Five Distal Geometry Options

Providing surgeons 117 proximal/distal combinations and multiple auxiliary fixation options for various femoral defects. This allows surgeons and OR staff the surgical control, customisation options, and reproducibility to efficiently address both patient and practice needs.

One Simple, Easy to Use Instrumentation Platform
  • Standard and High Offset Options Enables surgeons to reproduce various patient anatomies without lengthening the leg

  • Consistent Sizing 1mm increments for increased OR efficiency and accurate matching of the patient’s femur

  • Roller-Hardened Taper Junction Technology For greater fatigue strength and three times more strength in cantilever beam testing than non-roller hardened tapers1

Bolt and Claw Auxiliary Option

The system has the ability to use auxiliary implants to reattach the trochanteric fragment directly to the implant. By reattaching the trochanteric fragment in this fashion, the soft tissue and bony fragments are stabilised and provide an additional level of stability.

Clinically Proven PPS® Coating

Allows for initial scratch-fit stability and biologic fixation.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Intraoperative Flexibility

With three proximal bodies and five distal stems, which all work together regardless of size, a surgeon is able to address deficiencies in both regions of the femur independent of each other. This compatibility allows for a surgeon to change stems intraoperatively if encountered with another option from their preoperative planning. The availability of standard and high offset proximal body offerings are additional tools that allow the surgeon intraoperative flexibility to address patient needs as they arise.

Streamlined Instrumentation

Designed with common proximal implant and instrument geometries, the Arcos platform design is intended to allow for intraoperative revision efficiency by reducing the number of instrument cases required to a number comparable to a primary hip surgery.

  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty

  • Modular Femoral Revision System

  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty

  • Complex Hip Arthroplasty