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mymobility is an orthopaedic care management platform designed to help you and your care team deliver a personalised surgical experience to qualified patients. It provides the capability to create procedure-specific telehealth protocols and monitor patient engagement, PROMs, activity level, and compliance.

mymobility helps support patients throughout their surgical preparation and recovery by using smartphones and optionally Apple Watch. It tracks their progress, collects objective data providing the care team with clinical and operational insights.

mymobility delivers continuous data and patient-reported feedback to facilitate care, outcomes, and satisfaction with your patients’ surgical preparation and recovery.

Clinical Study

80% answered 'better or much better' in answer to the question "Compared to your other medical and surgical experiences, how did the mymobility app affect your experience?".1

answered 'better or much better' in answer to the question "Compared to your other medical and surgical experiences, how did the mymobility app affect the anxiety you felt with this surgical experience?".1

Intended to Increase Patient Engagement and Compliance

mymobility helps to keep patients engaged in their orthopaedic surgical journey, allowing patients to better understand their condition and take an active role in optimising their surgical experience.

Collect and Monitor Data that Leads to Clinical Insights

Provides clinical and operational insights to support a patient’s surgical preparation and recovery by tracking patient progress through remote monitoring, PROMs collection, engagement and adherence. 

Intended to Increase the Efficiency of Your Care Team

All the benefits of digital care management and telehealth in one platform, driving toward more efficient and convenient care without the need for multiple platforms, hardware and logins. 

Skeletal Tracking for Shoulder Range of Motion

The new Skeletal Tracking capability in mymobility allows patients to measure and track their shoulder range of motion (ROM) and corresponding pain pre- and post-operatively, throughout the episode of care. This feature allows ROM to be collected simply and easily by the patient through the cameras on their phone!  ROM measurements are typically only collected by clinicians at in-person appointments, and typically assessed by eye.  The skeletal tracking telehealth capability in mymobility allows patients to conveniently collect these shoulder range of motion measurements on their own and on a regular basis without taking clinician time or having to travel to an appointment. The measurements collected with the shoulder Range of Motion feature are: Standing Flexion, Extension, Standing Abduction, Internal and External Rotation.

We are excited about the convenience, value and insight this capability and data will bring to your patients and clinicians, and the ability it gives us to power data solutions for shoulder patients in ZBEdge.

Note: This feature is currently only available for shoulder replacement and shoulder sports medicine telehealth care pathways.

WalkAI™ Predicted Progress

WalkAI is the orthopedic industry's first AI model to generate daily personalised predictions during recovery. WalkAI notifies the surgeon of any patients using the mymobility application who are off-track and predicted to have a lower relative gait speed at 90-days following hip or knee surgery.

WalkAI Recovery Curves:

Allows the clinician to quickly benchmark individual patients' recovery progress by comparing them to a like cohort and predicts the patient’s gait speed 90-days post-operatively. Recovery progress is available against the 5th, 15th, 50th, 85th, and 95th percentiles of similar patients.

WalkAI Patient Progress:

Helps patients and care teams track recovery by focusing on activities like walking sessions and steps, then helping them know if they are "Low," “On-track” or “High” relative to a cohort of patients like them. Patients can also see their WalkAI predicted 90-day post-operative gait speed and how that compares to similar patients.

WalkAI Exceptions:

Notifications (from day 15-40 post-operative) sent to the care team on the mymobility Clinician Dashboard that are triggered when a patient is tracking low on their recovery gait speed. 

Patient Engagement and Education Via Digital Care Management

mymobility provides support and guidance to patients via:

  • Messaging by text, video or picture is intended to support the patient experience and reduce costs of potential unnecessary visits 

  • Delivers patient-friendly procedural education, answers to commonly asked questions, and exercises based on an individual treatment protocol 

  • Gait exceptions to alert when a hip or knee replacement patient’s walking speed is slower than expected relative to their surgery date or they have had a significant decrease in their walking speed

  • Ability to modify patients' care plan and intervene for those who may not be recovering as expected

Gait exceptions will only appear for Hip/Knee patients with iOS 14

Clinical Insights Through Metrics

mymobility provides quantitative and qualitative data enabling you to engage with your patients and understand their progress through the episode of care.  Additionally, it can provide you with information to identify patients who aren’t as engaged or active as you would like.

Mobility Data:

  • Patient steps 

  • Flight of stairs climbed 

  • Stand hours 

  • Exercise completion 

  • Shoulder Range of Motion

Heart Rate Data:

  • Average resting heart rate 

  • Average walking heart rate 

  • Heart rate variability 

  • V02 Max*

Engagement Data:

  • Exercise adherence 

  • PROMs adherence 

  • Education adherence 

  • Patient - reported Pain Management Tracking

  • Patient - reported Narcotic/ Non-narcotic Tracking

Gait Quality Data:

  • Gait Speed 

  • Double support percentage 

  • Step length

  • Speed ascending/ descending stairs

  • Asymmetry

Additional Data:

  • Falls detection

  • Sleep

Creating Operational Efficiencies and Minimising Variability Of Care

We develop features designed to improve the patient experience and to increase the efficiency for the physician and his or her care team which include: 

  • Managing patients by exception with automatic exceptions triggered for patients who meet set thresholds with gait quality and patient-reported pain management tracking

  • Enhanced integration into existing processes through Electronic Medical Records (EMR) integration and automated enrolment from surgical scheduling

  • Standardised care pathways 

  • Self directed in-app video exercises allow reduced supervised physical therapy to qualified patients 

  • Customised educational content 

  • Telemedicine Video Visits enable greater flexibility in the care team’s workflow

Available Care Plans


  • Total Knee

  • Partial Knee

  • Revision Knee


  • Total Hip         

  • Revision Hip


  • Total Shoulder

  • Reverse Total Shoulder

  • Rotator Cuff Repair

  • Shoulder Instability