Avenir Complete® Hip System

Avenir Complete® Hip System

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Avenir Complete® Hip System

Avenir Complete® Hip System

The Avenir Complete Hip System is an evolution based on the clinically proven heritage of the Avenir Hip System.1,2,3,4

By combining legacy features of the Avenir Hip System with new features, Avenir Complete is designed to deliver greater operative flexibility along with surgical excellence.

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Clinical Results
Pre-entry A*

ODEP rating5

Forged Ti-6Al-4V Alloy with a Dual Layer Coating

Made up of an undercoat of commercially pure titanium vacuum plasma spray with the application of a thin hydroxyapatite top coat is designed for long-term stability.15


Designed to facilitate the distribution of loads, increase bone contact surface area and ease insertion, while its rectangular cross-section with smoothed edges is designed for rotational stability.

Fully Polished Neck

Designed to help minimise wear debris.

Proven Heritage
Proven Heritage
Optimised Stem Lengths

Facilitate insertion through modern surgical approaches, including ASI.

Reduced Distal Geometry

Both the lateral and A/P profile are designed to address a wide range of femoral morphologies and help avoid distal potting.

Collarless and Collared

Available in three offset options - Standard, High Offset and Coxa Vara - and a simple 6mm offset system to properly match patient anatomies.

Avenir Complete Hip System and the G7® Acetabular System

A comprehensive offering of stems, shells and liners (including Dual Mobility) with streamlined instrumentation designed to meet distinct patient needs, to simplify the surgical work-flow and maximize hospital and operating room efficiencies.

  • Primary Total Hip Replacement

  • Cementless stem with press fit

  • Rectangular wedge with smooth edges and reduced distal geometry