Suture Portfolio

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BroadBand® Tape

Broader1 Footprint Over Tissue 

  • BroadBand Tape is designed to provide greater load distribution than standard suture to address suture/tissue tear-through 

Smooth, Silk-like Feel

  • Non-abrasive, easy to handle and gentle on tissue and gloves 

Tie-ability and Low Knot Profile

  • Coreless, single weave braid allows for low profile knots to be tied

BroadBand Tape | Product Image
BroadBand Tape | Product Image
MaxBraid™  Sutures

Coreless Design 

  • Proprietary braid allows suture to lie flat when tied compared to cored sutures 

  • Coreless UHMWPE weave of MaxBraid and TRU-Link Sutures allows for low-profile knot stacks without mitigating strength 


  • Suture portfolio ranges from 4-0 through #5 suture sizes with a diverse selection of colours and needle options to aid in suture management both arthroscopically and in open procedures 

High Strength

  • Over 10 years of proven high strength testing2

  • #2 suture knot pull tensile strength is 14.6lbf3

  •  #5 suture knot pull tensile strength is 27.2lbf4

MaxBraid Tape
MaxBraid Tape