A.L.P.S.® Clavicle Plating System

ALPS Clavicle | Main Product Image

A.L.P.S.® Clavicle Plating System

Tailored fit, intuitive instrumentation and systematic efficiency: The A.L.P.S. Clavicle is the modern, comprehensive plating solution tailored to meet highly variable needs of the clavicle anatomy.

Tailored Fit

Designed to allow for in-situ contouring and length adjustment due to F.A.S.T. Tabs® Technology. Plates can be bent, contoured and in some places broken to adjust length providing numerous anatomical variations with these 18 plates. This design offers intraoperative flexibility allowing surgeons to tailor plate fit for optimal stability.

Intuitive Instrumentation

The system is designed to provide precise, user-friendly instrumentation and a simple surgical technique to help streamline workflow. Specialty safety features are built into the instruments' design to minimise damage to adjacent, soft tissue structures such as the subclavian vessels, nerves and the lungs.

Systematic Efficiency

The A.L.PS. Clavicle Plating System provides systematic efficiency due to the flexibility of the plate design and intuitive instrumentation. The implants and instruments required to perform a procedure are provided in one case for easy handing, storage and transportation, eliminating the need for multiple implant and instrument trays. Each aspect of the system is designed to streamline workflow to provide OR efficiency.

Low-Profile Plate Design

A low-profile design allows for in-situ contouring and shortening, to provide a tailored fit for the highly variable needs of the clavicle anatomy. These features are designed to minimise discomfort, soft tissue irritation and visual prominence in the clavicle where there is limited soft tissue coverage.

Implant Stability

Offers three-point fixation for implant stability.


Plates can be bent, contoured, and in some places broken, to adjust length, providing numerous anatomical variations, eliminating the need for multiple implants and instrument trays.

Minimising Potential Damage

Instrumentation provides precise measurements and includes a short drill to limit the maximum drill depth, along with a Crego Elevator acting as a drill protector beneath the clavicle. All designed to help surgeons minimise potential damage to surrounding soft tissue structures and protect the neurovascular bundle.

Streamlining Workflow

With a single drill and a single driver, we aim to simplify the procedure for the surgical team, eliminating the need for multiple implants and instrument trays.