Persona® Partial Knee

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Persona® Partial Knee

Building on a clinically proven legacy,1,2 the Persona Partial Knee range features personalised, compartment-specific implant shapes that redefine personalisation.

Developed from the Persona Total Knee Family, its advanced technology is designed to accurately mirror the knee's natural function.

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Clinical Results

The Persona Partial Knee carries forward design elements of the Zimmer Miller Galante (M/G) Uni, which showed 98% survivorship at 10 years and 90% at 20 years.1

Persona Partial Knee has its own clinical results too. 643 Persona Partial Knees were implanted, and two-year results3 demonstrated:

Survivorship at 2 years.3

Patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the results of surgery.3


Lower Revision Rates

Research shows that surgeons utilising Partial Knee Arthroplasty for at least 20% of their annual knee arthroplasties experienced a significant decrease in their revision rate.4

Proven Technology

Persona utilises clinically evidenced5,6,7,8 Vivacit-E® Vitamin-E Polyethylene technology with antioxidant protection.

Precise Instrumentation

Persona Instrumentation is designed to be versatile in its philosophies, exacting in its measurements and surgically seamless. Engineered with the goal of helping you to achieve optimal results, time and time again.


Partial Knee Arthroplasty is proven to be superior compared to TKA in several areas. Benefits include:

  • Retention of the ACL, which is reported to result in improved proprioception4,9

  • Better range of motion10,11

  • Procedural savings12

  • Shorter hospital stays13

  • Lower risk of postoperative complications14

  • Partial Knee Replacement

  • Fixed Bearing