Optipac® Vacuum Mixing System

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Optipac® Vacuum Mixing System

The proven closed vacuum mixing system, pre-packed with bone cement.1,2,3,4

The development of our vacuum mixing systems started in 1984. In 1993 we introduced Optivac®, a bone cement vacuum mixing and collection system. With the Optipac system, launched in 2008, we offer even greater advantages, but keeping the benefits of the Optivac system.

Pre-Packed with Zimmer Biomet Bone Cement Products
  • Polymer and monomer included from the outset, either Refobacin® Bone Cement R or Refobacin Plus Bone Cement.

  • Antibiotic-loaded bone cements

  • Primary and revision

  • Time saving

  • Multiple Size Options 40, 60 or 80 depending on the procedure

  • Femoral Pressuriser Included in the 60 and 80 versions

  • Knee Cementation Nozzle Included in the 40 and 60 versions

  • Breakable Cement Nozzle Included in the 40, 60, 80 versions

Improved Cement Quality
  • A standardised procedure, homogeneous bone cement and SoftPac technology to ensure no glass debris in the cement

  • Mixing and collection under vacuum, improving cement fatigue life1,2,3,4


Based on Optivac technology since 1993, used in over 35 countries since 2008.


Improving cement fatigue life by mixing and collecting under vacuum.1,2,3,4 SoftPac™ technology ensures no glass debris in the bone cement.


Pre-packed with Zimmer Biomet bone cement products results in minimised exposure to monomer fumes, 5,6 no direct contact with bone cement during mixing and delivery, and SoftPac technology ensures no risk of glass injury.

Easy to Use
  • Fewer assembly procedures

  • Quick Injection Technology – just click it to release monomer and begin mixing

  • Easy to store, one package, one ordering number