NexGen® Legacy® Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK)

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NexGen® Legacy® Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK)

The NexGen LCCK can be used with augments, stem extensions and Trabecular Metal® cones to help provide stabilisation in knee arthroplasty.

Clinical Heritage

Survivorship at 10 years.1

Survivorship at 16 years.2

NexGen LCCK 4-in-1 Instrumentation

Allows a surgeon to convert from a NexGen primary implant to a stemmed LCCK implant intraoperatively.

Trabecular Metal Tibial and Femoral Cones

Designed to help address additional fixation needs within the proximal tibia and distal femur.

  • Made from clinically proven3,4,5 Trabecular Metal Technology

  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes.

  • Tibial and femoral augments available in Trabecular Metal material.

Complete Continuum of Care

Offers surgeons the ease of transitioning from the NexGen LCCK to the NexGen Rotating Hinge Knee to the Zimmer® Segmental System prosthesis within the same platform.