NCB® Periprosthetic Femur System

NCB® Periprosthetic Femur System

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NCB® Periprosthetic Femur System

NCB® Periprosthetic Femur System

The NCB (Non-Contact Bridging) Periprosthetic Femur System is a line of polyaxial locking plates for the treatment of fractures of the femur, particularly periprosthetic. The system is indicated for temporary internal fixation and stabilisation of fractures and osteotomies of long bones, including: periprosthetic, comminuted and supracondylar fractures, nonunions and malunions and fractures in osteopenic bone.

Non-Contact Bridging

In the locked mode, the NCB Periprosthetic Plate acts as an internal fixator without contact between the plate and the bone surface, which is intended to minimize the risk of periosteal blood supply impairment. This concept can also be controlled specifically through the use of 1, 2, or 3mm spacers, which are threaded into the plate holes prior to plate insertion. 

Screw locking is achieved through the use of locking caps that are threaded into the plate holes. This locking construct provides stability, including when used in osteopenic bone.

Bi-Cortical Fixation Around the Prosthesis

Wide plate design in the periprosthetic region, a diagonal three-hole pattern to allow for bi-cortical screw fixation around the prosthesis, and a narrow plate design on the rest of the plate to minimize soft tissue disruption.

Polyaxial Screws

The NCB System Technology allows for polyaxial screw placement (30° cone) with screw locking achieved through the use of locking caps that are threaded into the plate holes. The locking construct allows for improved stability compared to non-locking constructs.

Off-set holes in the three-hole pattern facilitate screw placement around the prosthesis and stable bi-cortical screw fixation. The holes accommodate 5.0mm NCB Screws, and two types of 4.0mm NCB Screws for use when there is the minimal bone around the prosthesis. The central holes can accommodate threaded 5.0mm NCB Unicortical Screws, threaded Cable Buttons, and Cables when bi-cortical fixation cannot be achieved. 

Innovative Cable Fixation Options

The products from the Cable-Ready® Cable Grip System are compatible with the NCB Periprosthetic Femur System.

Specialty Instruments

Slightly oversised titanium nitride coated drill bits and corresponding drill guides are offered with the NCB Periprosthetic Femur System, intended to minimize the risk of cracks in the cement mantle when placing screws around a cemented prosthesis.

MIS Guide

Fully radiolucent targeting devices are available, allowing MIS techniques to be used for the NCB Periprosthetic Proximal Femur and NCB Periprosthetic Distal Femur Plates.


The locking construct offers stability especially in osteopenic bone. Before locking, the screws can act as lag screws and be used for fracture reduction; a benefit which is not offered with standard locking systems.

Anatomically Designed

Includes shaped scallops, to facilitate plate contouring across solid cross sections, away from holes.


Offers multiple plate and screw options to best fit the patient’s needs.