Fitmore® Hip Stem

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Fitmore® Hip Stem

Designed to offer a bone conserving hip replacement with the ability to reconstruct individual femoral anatomies by matching patient’s medial curvatures and demonstrating good mid-long term clinical results.

Clinical Results

ODEP Rating.1

Inspired by Individual Anatomy

Three families, four offset option and CCD angles - independent from stem size - in 14 sizes each, resulting in 54 options to address all anatomies.2

ASI Ready

The length and curved design provides bone sparing, muscle protection and a better experience for anterior supine intermuscular (ASI) and other minimally invasive surgeries.3

Triple Taper Design

Designed for optimal primary and secondary fixation with a proximal press-fit fixation concept (triple taper) combined with Ti-VPS coating.4,5,6,7,8


Total hip or hemi-hip arthroplasty.


Mainly metaphyseal (intertrochanteric region) press fit fixation.

Stem Design

Triple tapered.