A.L.P.S.® Distal Tibia Plating Systems

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A.L.P.S.® Distal Tibia Plating Systems

The A.L.P.S. Distal Tibia Plating System has been designed for distal tibia procedures that involve complex fractures and minimal tissue coverage.

The plate’s design allows it to sit tightly next to the distal ridge of the tibia and provide strong fixation in comminuted fractures or osteoporotic bone.

F.A.S.T.® Guide and Tabs

Designed to facilitate accurate drilling, distal tabs easily contour to conform to the bone and provide for interlocking alignment of distal screws to create a subchondral scaffold for rigid fixation enabling time savings in the OR.

TiMAX® Proprietary Surface Treatment

Anatomically contoured implants designed for a smooth, uniform surface utilised in distal tibia surgery where soft tissue coverage is at risk. These low profile plates are designed to minimise discomfort and soft tissue irritation matching the anatomy of distal tibia.

Minimised Discomfort

Designed to minimise discomfort and soft tissue irritation, the low profile and anatomically contoured plates mimic the distal tibia allowing it to sit tightly next to the distal ridge of the tibia.

Strong Fixation

The low-profile titanium plate metallurgy and multiplanar locking screw technology enable the formation of a three-dimensional matrix of fixed and variable angle screws to create a true subchondral scaffold that is intended to provide strong fixation in communted fractures or osteoporotic bone.

Enhanced Stability

The system allows the use of locking, multi-directional, and standard screws. This hybrid fixation concept is designed to allow the surgeon to stabilise the fracture either by the use of lag screw techniques through the plate, or by compression plating techniques. Locking screws serve to provide stability to comminuted, unstable metaphyseal fractures or in osteopenic bone.