A.L.P.S.® Small Fragment System

Complete Locking and Non-Locking Small Fragment System

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A.L.P.S.® Small Fragment System

Complete Locking and Non-Locking Small Fragment System

The A.L.P.S. Small Fragment System combines a traditional plating system with the benefits of locking screw technology. The hybrid construction of this plate is designed to offer the ability to combine standard interfragmentary compression with the added stability of fixed angle locking. This construct is intended to protect the compression and lag screws while providing stability across extensive comminution, unstable metaphyseal fractures or in osteopenic bone.

Interfragmentary Fixation

Uses lag screws to apply compression across the fracture surface. The 3.5mm cortical screws are generally selected for use in diaphyseal bone. The 4.0mm cancellous bone screws are generally used in metaphysical or osteopenia bone.

Dynamic Compression and Eccentric Insertion

The system is designed to offer easy-to-use, intuitive instrumentation that provides dynamic compression, enabled through the combination of the hybrid construction of the plate and the drill guide, depth gauge and screw holder sleeve.

Plate End Retractor

The retractor is designed to retract soft tissue when accessing the terminal screw holes of the plate.

Systematic Efficiency

The versatility of the instrument trays allows for the entire system to be housed in one large base or split into a separate instrument and implant base. The trays contain three-dimensional graphics for rapid implant and instrument identification, enhancing both surgical and processing efficiencies.

Maximising Treatment Options

The small fragment system is a titanium plate and screw system that fuses locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques. The set was designed to maximise treatment options managing fractures requiring small fragment fixation, as well as, serve as the core system for additional anatomic implants.

  • Forefoot

  • Midfoot

  • Hindfoot

  • Ankle

  • Plates and Screws