Clinical insights throughout the episode of care

OrthoIntel Orthopedic Intelligence Platform, connects the pre-, intra- and post-operative data gathered through our mymobility application and ROSA Knee to help uncover new clinical insights throughout the episode of care. These insights are intended to help surgeons and care teams visualize connections and optimize care.

Efficient Care Management
Objective Data Collection
Created to help surgeons and care teams reducing variability of care. A dashboard consolidates mymobility activity data and ROSA Knee intraoperative metrics, intended to visualize connections, with assembly of pre-, intra-, and post-operative measurements to aggregate and track the connection between final joint state and patient outcomes
Comparative Data Reports
Generate Clinical Insights
Connect patient progress through pre- and postoperative data with the mymobility app and intra-operative metrics with ROSA Knee. Compare procedural data with outcomes, with analytics plotted against outcome measures and designed to provide an additional layer of insight to objective metrics.
Optimisation of Data with Objective Metrics
Functional Outcome Measurement
Accumulation of functional outcome measurements designed to help generate clinical insights and enable analytic benchmarking, with aggregation of clinical insights to be used for research and reporting.