Zimmer® Natural Nail® System

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Zimmer® Natural Nail® System

Designed to restore the fractured bone's shape, the Zimmer Natural Nail System is the next generation of intramedullary nails.

These nails have an anatomic shape that replicates the natural anatomy of various long bones in the human skeleton, specifically designed to restore the fractured bone to its natural, pre-injured state.


The system allows surgeons to address a wide range of patient anatomies with various implant shapes and sizes designed to provide a precise, anatomic fit.


The systems utilises intuitive instrumentation that is designed to allow for simplified and repeatable procedures.


This advanced technology offers a robust nail-screw-bone construct.

Anatomic Fit

The configuration of each nail's shape and dimensions allows it to be used in very specific applications to closely replicate the pre-injury state of the fractured bone.

  • Bows in femoral nails correspond to nail lengths, reflecting the anterior femoral bow relative to patient height

  • The fluted design moderates stiffness and aims to facilitate easy nail placement

  • Nail tips are designed to help the passage of the nail through the medullary canal

  • The system includes both left and right versions available for antegrade femur and cephalomedullary nails

Enhanced Fixation

The system includes locking tabs that interlock the nail to the screws.

Intuitive Instrumentation

The instrumentation is designed around consistency and accuracy. The specific colour-coding system for each nail type, instruments size, as well as drill and screw diameter make the system easy to use. This paired with the ergonomic designed handles offers control during implant placement.