Comprehensive® Total Shoulder System

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Comprehensive® Total Shoulder System

The Comprehensive Total Shoulder System’s design is based on the successful clinical heritage of the Bio-Modular® Shoulder System. It uses innovative technologies to allow intraoperative flexibility, unmatched humeral stem options, and infinite humeral head offset possibilities.

Clinical Results

7A ODEP Rating1

Convertible Stem Portfolio

Fully convertible platform stem portfolio, featuring micro, mini, standard, and revision length, allows for patient-specific selection and 45°/135° anatomic neck-shaft angle in the humeral stems.

Hybrid® Modular Glenoid

With multiple sizing options, the Hybrid Modular Glenoids feature polyethylene and Regenerex® porous titanium central post options and three outer pegs to facilitate cement fixation. The central pegs also feature a titanium core for strength and modularity.

Versa-Dial® Humeral Head

Infinite offset options between 0.5mm and 4.5mm provide the ability to accurately reproduce natural anatomy with a minimised gap stem and head design to allow the humeral head to sit virtually flush with the resection, allowing for proper anatomic reconstruction.

Proximal PPS® Porous Plasma Coating

ProximalPPS allows for enhanced biologic fixation.