Zimmer Biomet has set a new standard in digital health by creating mymobility®, a digital platform using a smartphone application to inform care decisions and create a new level of connection between patients and their surgeons.

Transforming the Standard of Care through New Data

We are bringing gait quality and intensity data metrics into the mymobility® platform.  These metrics are are captured in OrthoIntel, our Orthopedic Intelligence Platform which also collects the ROSA® Knee Reports, allowing surgeons to analyze the impact of intraoperative decisions on functional outcomes over time.


How it works:

  • Leverages the power of sensors in the smartphone and optionally in an Apple Watch, to assess gait quality and intensity compared to step counts alone.
  • Patients receive a daily walking goal to capture gait metrics for their surgeon’s review and walking speed milestones, so patients receive progress feedback between office visits regarding their functional recovery.
  • The metrics are paired with alerts to help clinicians efficiently identify patients who based on this gait assessment may not be on-track with their recovery.


These features are another step in transforming the standard of care in musculoskeletal health, enabling a more robust view of care informed by data captured throughout the patient’s episode of care.

Why mymobility© ?

  • Self-directed in-app video exercises allow reduced supervised physical therapy to qualified* patients
  • Supports PROMs required quality metric tracking
  • Messaging by text, video or picture is intended to support the patient experience and reduce costs of potential unnecessary visits
  • Physiologic tracking provides the clinician with insights into their patients’ recovery
  • Connectivity through digital PROMs and encrypted communication
  • Access to gait quality and gait intensity metrics
  • Telemedicine feature provided via the existing platform with no additional hardware, software, logins or downloads.

Your data

mymobility® is an orthopedic care management system designed to help you and your care team deliver a personalized surgical experience to qualified patients*. It provides the capability to create procedure-specific protocols and monitor patient engagement, PROMs, activity level, and compliance.

mymobility® helps support patients throughout their surgical preparation and recovery by using smartphones and optionally Apple Watch. It tracks their progress and provides clinical and operational insights on:

Your guidance

mymobility® was created to improve the orthopedic patient experience and help clinicians efficiently manage their patients care. This platform delivers patient-friendly procedural education, answers to commonly asked questions, and exercises based on an individual treatment protocol. This allows patients to understand their condition and take an active role in optimizing their surgical experience.  mymobility® also enables easy, 2-way messaging with pictures, videos, and text to answer patient questions that are not captured by in-app content.

The mymobility® clinician dashboard allows you to monitor each patient’s data remotely before and after surgery to identify patients who may need extra attention. The app also allows you to message your patients by text, video, or picture so you can check on their progress, answer questions and help them stay on track without scheduling a phone call or appointment. By continuing to support patients outside of the surgical event, you are able to reduce the variability of care and utilize this tool to support overall patient satisfaction. 

Your outcome


Informing care decisions through digital health

  • Consistently manages the full episode of care

¤  Supports patient satisfaction

¤  Designed to help minimize out-of-pocket expenses for PT and unnecessary office visits**

¤  Differentiates surgical practice

mymobility - transform the surgical journey

Patient Experience

"I was extremely anxious about the mymobility app before surgery. Given these trying times with COVID-19 I am extremely grateful for the mymobility app. I do not have to go to physical therapy near the hospital. I am able to do PT in the comfort of my own home."

"Your mymobility program is fantastic! I feel like I have my own personal training advisor rooting me on from the sidelines. Exactly what I needed. A thousand times thank you!"

"The ability to self-direct my physical therapy has been invaluable in light of the impacts created by COVID-19 and current 'shelter' in place orders."

Quotes from patients participating in the Zimmer Biomet mymobility© clinical trial.

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