The multiple families of the Fitmore Hip Stem offer a personalized fit with a bone conserving, curved stem geometry for surgeons who prefer an implant that facilitates smaller incisions. The system aims to provide stable reconstruction of each individual's anatomy through its innovative concept of matching stem offset with different medial curvatures. The triple taper design and proximal Ti-Plasma coating enables secure press-fit, while the trapezoidal cross-section provides for rotational stability.

The Fitmore system is comprised of three different families, with Family B available in an extended offset option. The families were developed to address the relationship between head center and medial curvature of the femoral canal. Each stem family differs in respect to its medial contour, neck shaft angle, and range of stem offsets.

Bone conservation is an important aspect of total hip arthroplasty. By removing as little bone as possible during a primary operation, the surgeon leaves more option for any potential future revision surgery. The Fitmore Hip's short curved stem design helps conserve bone. 

The Fitmore Hip Stem's short length and curved design helps preserve the patient's natural bone in the greater trochanter, where it matters most.

Zimmer Biomet has been at the forefront of less invasive approaches to total hip arthroplasty. As the leader in Minimally Invasive Solutions™ procedures, Zimmer Biomet is proud to introduce the Fitmore Hip Stem, an implant designed with muscle and soft tissue-sparing approaches in mind. 

The Fitmore rasps and implants allow for a curved atraumatic trajectory and insertion along the calcar arch. Through this curved introduction, there is no need to open the lateral trochanter, potentially sparing the insertion point of the hip abductors.

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