Precise, balanced
and intuitive femoral

During its decade of experience in the bone compaction stem market, the Avenir Hip System has helped surgeons experience flexible, and reproducible surgeries, reportedly even for first time users1.

The Avenir specific broaches were designed to allow a precise, balanced and intuitive femoral preparation aiming to help reduce the risk of subsidence and foster long-term stability while offering surgeons straightforward operative techniques.

  • Offers Intraoperative Flexibility - Cementless and cemented options are included within a single instrumentation platform.
  • Designed to Reduce the Risk of Subsidence and Provide Surgical Reproducibility - Bone compaction philosophy subtly balanced designed to allow cortical contact where needed.
  • Intuitive Surgical Approach - Broach only technique and intuitive femoral preparation designed to help facilitate efficient OR experience.

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