X Series™ Power System

One system. One solution. Completely for you.

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X Series™ Power System

One system. One solution. Completely for you.

Zimmer Biomet’s X Series Power System is designed with one goal in mind: being a trusted system for a variety of surgical orthopedic procedures.

Created by surgeons for surgeons, X Series Power System has a modular design that’s intended to deliver a lightweight, ergonomic system with the power you need for reconstructive procedures and the versatility you demand for Ortho Trauma procedures. 

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Engineered for Power, Crafted for Precision

Developed through the shared experience of an international team of surgeons and engineers, the X Series Power System provides a surgical power tool that puts you in control. From the ergonomics to the differentiated torque to the variable trigger speed, it has been designed for different techniques and preferences.

Modular Surgical Attachments.

With performance, reliability, and modularity carefully designed into every attachment, we created the X Series Power System for ease of use.

  • Attachments spanning sagittal sawing, reciprocating sawing, sternal sawing, drilling, reaming, and pin/wire driving allow you to address a wide variety of clinical applications

  • Color-coded attachments allow for quick and easy identification

  • Easy, single-step attachment engagement and disengagement allow quick and efficient changeover, eliminating the need for a dedicated handpiece

  • trategically designed attachments enhance visibility in the surgical site, allowing you to work with minimal obstructions

Power Supply

We consider the power source as important as the handpiece. The X Series Power System delivers a variety of power source options that will keep you running case after case. With advanced lithium-ion technology, a real-time power gauge, and a vertical six-bay battery charger, now is the time to expect more from your power system.

Wash Basket and Sterilisation

With a dual-purpose, heavy-duty wash basket and a power system designed to be auto-washed with high pH detergents, X Series Power System stands up to your hospital needs and lets you clean with confidence.

  • Handpieces and attachments can be auto-washed with solutions up to 10.8 pH

  • One and two-handpiece basket designs to fit your needs and applications

  • Lightweight basket designed to meet both auto-wash and sterilisation protocols

  • Can be used as a standalone basket or paired with a hard-sided case

STABLECUT® Adjustable Saw Blades.

Our adjustable sagittal saw blades, made specifically for the X Series Power System, provide 20mm of adjustable length in a single blade. Designed for OR efficiency and for reducing the total number of SKUs to manage in Reconstructive and Ortho Trauma applications.

X Series Group Shot
X Series Group Shot

X Series Power System is powerful and ergonomic for challenging cases, yet small and agile for delicate cases.


An expertly crafted modular design delivers dynamic drilling, reaming and sawing, all from one single handpiece.


Designed for both large bone Reconstruction and Orthopedic Trauma procedures, X Series Power System potentially reduces the type and number of sets needed to operate efficiently.


The X Series Power System provides you with one system for multiple uses to address daily operational costs.


Dedicated Zimmer Biomet sales and clinical support team members are there for you every day, every step of the way.