Vivacit-E®  Vitamin E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene

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Vivacit-E®  Vitamin E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene

Designed to meet the long-term performance needs of high-demand patients, Vivacit-E builds on the legacy of Longevity®  Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene with more than 13 years of clinical success.1

Clinical Results

Wear Reduction Over Conventional Polyethylene at 100 Million Cycles.2

0 Signs

When subjected to accelerated aging for 33 weeks (16 times the industry standard), Vivacit-E HXPE showed no signs of oxidation or significant decline in mechanical properties.3

Exceptional Oxidative Stability

The oxidative stability of Vivacit-E HXPE is the result of a proprietary process that grafts (locks) vitamin E directly to the polyethylene chain. 4,5,6,7

The vitamin E continuously stabilises the material to prevent oxidative degradation of the polyethylene.

Improved Strength

The vitamin E in Vivacit-E HXPE prevents oxidation, resulting in mechanical strength that is retained after accelerated aging for more than 16 times the 2-week industry standard test according to ASTM F2003.3,8,9

Ultra-low Wear

In tests on two week-aged 40mm articulation size Vivacit-E liners and Longevity liners, Vivacit-E liners showed ultra-low wear rates comparable to Longevity liners.10

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