TraumaOne™ Plating System

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TraumaOne™ Plating System

The Encompass Reconstruction platform, in conjunction with Zimmer Biomet's plating systems, offers surgeons a comprehensive array of tools and services to streamline the reconstruction process.

With cutting-edge design and planning tools, advanced instrumentation, and customised implants, Encompass provides a structured blueprint for complex reconstruction cases.

End-to-End Support
  • Collaborative Design The design process is a team effort, pairing the surgeon with both Zimmer Biomet engineering and Medical Modelling; a combination that creates a thoughtful approach to patient-specific procedural solutions

  • Streamlined Logistics Our teams of case managers, combined with logistics software and field support, are involved every step of the way to ensure that the implant will arrive on time for surgery

  • Surgical Support Our team will provide all the support necessary to drive to a successful patient outcome before, during and after the procedure

Anatomic Models

Utilising a CT scan, a 3D printed model of the patient’s anatomy can be used for planning and surgical guidance.

VSP® Technology

VSP Technology offers efficient and accurate planning and resection.

VSP is a registered trademark of Medical Modeling Inc.

Patient-Matched, Pre-Bent Mandible Plate

Our engineers utilise the CT and planning data to create an accurate patient-matched implant for reconstructing the mandible.