ThinFlap™ Plating System

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ThinFlap™ Plating System

The titanium ThinFlap Plating System features a 0.3mm plate and screw profile, reducing plate palpitation for enhanced patient satisfaction.

Choose between our 1.5 tray or Sterile Trac™ system, which offers improved traceability, OR efficiency and flexible options for cranial-flap closure.

  • Industry leading 0.3mm profile

  • Offered in regular 1.5 tray or in Sterile Trac system

  • Minimal plate palpitation as compared to standard plate profile

  • Wide variety of plates available

Sterile Trac
  • Efficient inventory control

  • Improved lot traceability


These devices are implantable bone plates and bone screws for cranial procedures including:

  • Fractures

  • Osteotomies

  • Reconstructive procedures

  • Revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed