Pectus Bar

Pectus Excavatum Correction

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Pectus Bar

Pectus Excavatum Correction

Pectus excavatum is a chest disorder occurring in approximately one of every 1,000 children. This congenital deformity is characterised by a concave, 'funnel' shaped chest. The inward facing sternum can apply pressure to the vital organs of the chest, resulting in restricted organ growth and shortness of breath.

Previously, surgical correction of this deformity was made through an invasive procedure requiring resection of cartilage and bone. The Pectus Bar has been developed as an implant for minimally invasive surgery to remodel the chest wall over a two-to-three year period.

  • The Pectus Bar's rounded ends and blunt edges discourage tissue destruction during implant insertion

  • It comes in a variety of lengths, ranging from 17.8cm to 43.2cm to accommodate most pectus excavatum correction procedures

  • Instruments in the system are designed to increase simplicity during the Nuss Procedure

  • The Pectus System Container comes in two sizes and conveniently houses the entire range of Pectus implants and instruments

Minimally Invasive Operation
  • Use of the MIRPE technique requires neither cartilage incision nor resection for correction of pectus excavatum. There is no need to make an incision in the anterior chest wall, raise pectoralis muscle flaps, resect rib cartilages, nor perform sternal osteotomy

Reduces Operating Time
  • The procedure requires approximately 40 minutes, as opposed to the 4 to 6 hours required of a chest reconstruction

Minimal Blood Loss
  • Blood loss is generally 10 to 33cc, compared to the 300cc lost with the other products and techniques1

Return to Regular Activity
  • The average time for a patient to resume daily activities, once treated with the Pectus Bar, is one month2

Chest Correction
  • Using the Pectus Bar the patient can experience ease of breathing, normal chest expansion and elasticity, and proper lung and heart growth

Cosmetic Result
  • A 10 year study, indicated excellent long-term cosmetic results1