MS-30® Cemented Hip Stem

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MS-30® Cemented Hip Stem

Studies in literature and registries1 have shown that hybrid fixation to treat primary hip patients is more cost effective in older patients2 and that cemented stems have lower early revision rates due to periprosthetic fractures than uncemented stems3,4.

MS-30 is our polished, tripled tapered stem, designed to meet the needs of those patients requiring a cemented stem.

Clinical Results

Years of Clinical History.


ODEP Rating.5

10 years survivorship6,7 (stem revision for any reason) reported in the literature n=60,6 n=47.7

Femoral stem survivorship at 15 years in NJR8 (patient at risk = 784).

Triple Tapered Design

Intended to maintain the strength of the cement mantle.

Protasul® - S30 Stainless Steel

Helps for proper load transmission.

Lateral Wing

Helps to reduce stress in the calcar region and to provide rotational stability.

Smooth, mirror Polished Surface with Rounded Edges

Helps proper force transmission through the uninterrupted cement mantle to avoid stress concentration.

Designed to Match Patient Anatomies

Available in six standard and six lateral sizes, with no change on leg length when moving from standard to lateral.

Aimed at Facilitating Proper Positioning

PMMA-Copolymer distal and proximal centralisers help varus malpositioning and proper stem centering.

Designed for Hybrid Patients

MS-30 and G7 Acetabular System is our comprehensive system, designed to bring good outcomes for your hybrid patients, with 2.0% cumulative revision rate at 5 years in AOANJRR9 (patient at risk = 111).

  • Hemi or Total Hip Replacement

  • Cemented stem

  • Three dimensionally tapered stem