Dragon Tongue Suture Passer

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Dragon Tongue Suture Passer

Management of the hip capsule has evolved over recent years with an increased awareness of the functional and clinical benefits of capsular closure.1 Due to these clinical findings a shift toward more routine capsule closures is occurring amongst a growing number of hip surgeons.

The Dragon Tongue Suture Passing device was designed to help surgeons efficiently perform single portal capsular closure.

Extended Delivery Range of Reach
  • Adjustable slide assists in delivering at least 30mm of suture, creating an easily graspable suture loop

  • Designed for single portal capsular repair, not dependent on angle of approach

Range of Reach
  • Easily captures the delivered suture loop at any position with near and far grasping abilities

  • Nitinol grasper can open and close at any location along its 30mm of extension beyond the needle shaft

Variable Angles
  • Nitinol grasper advances out of the needle shaft at 60° and continues to extend further to a 90° bend

Capture with Precision
  • Grabs suture where it’s at with the Dragon Tongue device’s active grasping design

  • The PEEK tubing extends over the nitinol grasper to close the nitinol over the suture