Comprehensive® Segmental Revision System

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Comprehensive® Segmental Revision System

The Comprehensive Segmental Revision System offers a modular humeral replacement solution for proximal, distal, or total humeral reconstruction. It includes components designed specifically for proximal, distal, and total humeral replacement. The distal humeral system components are used for elbow replacement in cases of distal humeral bone loss. These components are used in conjunction with the Nexel® Elbow Ulna components and are connected using the Nexel Bearing Kit.

Product Features

The distal bodies connect to ulnar components and bearing condyles to create a hinged elbow replacement. A modular flange can be assembled to the distal humeral body which may provide an extramedulary means to stabilise the bone/cement/implant interface. The distal humeral bodies are available in left and right configurations and in three sizes. Stability flanges are available in large and small sizes.

Distal Humeral Replacement Components
  • Distal humeral body with an optional modular flange

  • Intercalary segment (if required)

  • Tissue attachment augments (if required)

  • Humeral stems