A.L.P.S.® Total Foot System

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A.L.P.S.® Total Foot System

The A.L.P.S. Total Foot System is a comprehensive set of anatomically contoured implants designed to address a wide array of fusions and fractures in the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot.

Anatomic Low Profile Plates

Designed to help minimize discomfort and soft tissue irritation.

Into-Operative Customisation

The anatomic design of the plates is meant to closely match the natural anatomy. However, in-situ contouring is available for fine adjustment and patient specific customisation.

F.A.S.T. Guide® Technology

The A.L.P.S. Total Foot System comes pre-loaded with Fixed Angle Screw Targeting Guides - F.A.S.T. Guides - that direct the trajectory of the drill right through the plate. Additionally, F.A.S.T. Tabs® technology allows for in-situ contouring for patient specific customisation.

Multiple Screw Options

Choice of locking, non-locking, or multi-directional locking screws according to need, without compromising plate profile.


The system includes plates, screws, and instruments designed for reconstructive and trauma procedures in the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot.


Flexible plating technology offers intra-operative customization of plates and a range of screw options, allowing for flexibility in constructs. This attention to anatomic detail includes deliberate regions of flexibility to accommodate individual variation without compromising strength.


F.A.S.T. Guide Technology streamlines OR time with pre-assembled drilling for locking screws and easy plate identification through colour coding. This comprehensive and user-friendly system promotes OR efficiency.


Surgical Techniques