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Our newest additions to the platform:                                           Shoulder Care Pathways with Skeletal Tracking  (Shoulder Range of Motion Assessment)

The new Skeletal Tracking capability in mymobility allows patients to measure and track their shoulder range of motion (ROM) and corresponding pain pre- and post-operatively, throughout the episode of care.

This feature allows ROM to be collected simply and easily by the patient through the cameras on their phone!  ROM measurements are typically only collected by clinicians at in-person appointments, and typically assessed by eye.  The skeletal tracking telehealth capability in mymobility allows patients to conveniently collect these shoulder range of motion measurements on their own and regularly without taking clinician time or having to travel to an appointment. The measurements collected with the shoulder Range of Motion feature are Standing Flexion, Extension, Standing Abduction, and Internal and External Rotation.

We are excited about the convenience, value, and insight this capability and data will bring to your patients and clinicians, and the ability it gives us to power data solutions for shoulder patients in ZBEdge™.

mymobility skeletal tracking

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