Redefining Personalization

Building on a clinically proven legacy,1,2 the Persona Partial Knee is redefining personalization in fixed bearing partial knee design.

Optimal Usage

  • Research shows that surgeons utilizing Partial Knee Arthroplasty (PKA) for at least 20% of their annual knee arthroplasties experienced a significant decrease in their revision rate.10

Benefits of PKA vs TKA include:

  • Retention of the ACL, which is reported to result in improved proprioception11,12  

  • Better range of motion13,14 

  • Procedural savings15

  • Shorter hospital stays16 

  • Lower risk of postoperative complications17

The Persona Partial Knee carries forward design elements of the Zimmer Miller Galante (M/G) Uni, which showed 98% survivorship at 10 years and 90% at 20 years1 . Persona Partial Knee has its own clinical results too! 643 Persona Partial Knees were implanted, and two-year results demonstrated:3

Survivorship at 2 years



Patient satisfaction


Patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the results of surgery


The Persona Partial Knee is part of the Persona Knee Family. 


Personalized, compartment-specific implant shapes based on the Persona® Total Knee


Proven Vivacit-E Vitamin-E® Polyethylene technology4-8


Precise, efficient instrumentation


Persona Partial Knee Surgical Animation

PKA Health Economics

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