Local Internal Reporting System in Spain

Zimmer Biomet Spain, as of December 1, 2023, implements a Local Internal Reporting System, which includes a Local Reporting Channel, in addition to the existing Speak Up Hotline global system. Therefore, you can report through the global system Speak Up Hotline or through the Local Reporting Channel.

The Local Reporting Channel is provided for Zimmer Biomet employees, business partners and third parties in Spain to report any violations, non-compliance and/or non-compliance, or any facts that they believe may be contrary to the law, industry regulations and internal rules adopted by Zimmer Biomet, including Zimmer Biomet's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

If you wish to report anonymously through the Local Reporting Channel, Zimmer Biomet will ensure your anonymity. Your report is handled and processed in an impartial, confidential, and objective way.

Zimmer Biomet will not retaliate against you, either directly or indirectly, as long as you have used the Local Reporting Channel reasonably and in good faith. Please remember that you are responsible for the accuracy of all information communicated. Zimmer Biomet will take action in the event that a report has been made in bad faith and/or with knowledge of the falsity of the facts.

To make a report using the Local Reporting Channel, you may send your report by email to the following address: linea.cumplimiento@zimmerbiomet.com. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Please Note: The personal data processed within the framework of the Local Internal Reporting System shall be processed by Zimmer Biomet Spain, S.L.U. as data controller. The personal data processing shall be carried out for the purpose of assessing the reports received through the Local Internal Reporting System and implementing the measures that may be appropriate in response, as well as to evidence the functioning of the Local Internal Reporting System. Essentially, personal data related to the facts communicated by the reporter or obtained during the potential subsequent investigation process will be processed. Data subjects may exercise their data protection rights by e-mail to privacy.emea@zimmerbiomet.com. For further information, please refer to the Zimmer Biomet Local Internal Reporting System Privacy Notice.

Additional Information

You can find more information about the Local Reporting Channel in the following documents (versions available in English and Spanish).