Comprehensive fixation system for a wide variety of fractures.

The Zimmer® Universal Locking System (ULS) includes straight and formed plates that will accommodate standard cortical and cancellous screws, along with locking screws that have threaded heads which enable them to be threaded into plate holes. The ULS plates resemble standard plates, but have figure-8 shaped holes which will accommodate standard or locking screws on either side of the hole. As a result, the plate can be used, depending upon the fracture situation, as a compression plate, a locked internal fixator or as an internal fixation system combining both techniques


  • The variety and compatibility among the components result in more fixation options, as well as enhanced fixation in difficult fractures. The system is indicated for osteotomies, comminuted fractures, supracondylar fractures, extra-articular fractures, fractures in osteopenic bone, nonunions and malunions.


  • Apply the implant as an internal fixator or bridge comminuted zones while providing stable fixation. 


The system is designed to combine the principles of interfragmentary compression and bridging. The plates have figure-8 shaped holes that accommodate both standard screws and locking screws on either side of the hole. The locking screws have threaded heads that are threaded into the plate holes. The plate can be used as a compression plate, a locked internal fixator, or an internal fixation system combining both techniques.

Plate Features

  • The universal locking plates have a combination of locking and compression holes – creating a figure-8 shape plate hole. The ULS hole allows placement of standard cortical screws, cancellous screws, or locking screws on either side of each hole providing 80 degrees of longitudinal screw angulation, 14 degrees of transverse screw angulation, uniform hole spacing along the length of the plate, and load/compression and neutral screw positions.


Locking Screw Features

  • The screw head is designed to create a nearly flush profile on the plate designed to minimize soft tissue irritation. All screws are self-tapping to aid ease of insertion. Double-lead screw head thread is double the screw shaft thread punch. Screws will advance at the same rate into the plate as into the bone. 


MIS Insertion Technique  

  • The Plate Insertion Guide will target the entire length of a 3.5mm plate 14 holes or less in length, and a 2.7mm plate 12 holes or less in length. Longer plates will require that the Plate Insertion Guide be repositioned or an additional incision be made to visualize and target the additional holes. Plates can be applied submuscularly, with or without a guide


Zimmer Small Fragment 2.7 Universal Locking System

Zimmer Small Fragment 3.5 Universal Locking System