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The Zimmer® Cannulated Screw System comprises a wide range of sizes ranging from Ø3.0 mm-7.5 mm, lengths up to 180 mm, partial and full threaded design enabling the surgeon to address a broad spectrum of trauma needs. 


  • Biodur 108 Alloy allows the Zimmer Cannulated System to feature deep threads without compromising strength. 2
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping thread design is intended to allow for ease of insertion. Reverse cutting flutes aid in ease of removal. 

Reduced Sensitivity

  • Biodur® 108 is low-nickel stainless steel alloy 3 designed to reduce Ni release minimizing the chances of Nickel sensitivity


  • Biodur 108 Alloy allows the Zimmer Cannulated System to feature large cannulation without compromising screw strength. 
  • The large cannulation accommodates a large/stiff guide wire
  • Guide wires are designed to increase strength and stiffness to help minimize skiving, deflecting, or “walking” on the bone
  • This aims to afford increase accuracy in guide wire placement and screw insertion. 


Zimmer Cannulated Screws (mm)

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