A preassembled embedded locking mechanism

The Phoenix Tibial Nail System features CoreLock Technology that offers a preassembled, locking mechanism for locking all proximal oblique screws and for inboard compression up to 5mm. 

Easy Insertion

  • The system is designed to facilitate easy insertion through the 3.5mm inserter connector that retains head of end cap.

Streamlined Workflow

  • Streamlined workflow enabled through color-coded screw and end cap options.


Distally, the tibial nail offers an exceptionally low distal aspect of 4.5mm from the center of the most distal screw hole to the nail tip and 10mm from the center of the second most distal screw hole of the cluster to the nail tip for treatment of very distal fractures. 


CoreLock Technology

  • CoreLock Technology is designed to provide innovation made simple and elegant through the deployment of the preassembled, embedded setscrew/locking mechanism. This technology provides the ability to lock proximal oblique screws to nails.


Embedded setscrew/locking mechanism

  • Since the holes within the embedded setscrew are grooved, proximal screw removal can be achieved without disengaging the embedded setscrew. 


Double-Lead Thread Screw

  • The system features a double-leaded thread design for quick insertion enabling bicortical purchase.


Phoenix Tibial Nail Distal Fracture Pattern

Phoenix Tibial Nail Proximal Fracture Pattern