Contouring for the most complex bone surfaces

The F3® Fragment Plating System designed to offer strong, low profile fixation of small bone fragments in a locked plating construct that can be contoured directly to the bone. The system consists of two plate styles: high flex and high strength.


  • Forefoot
  • Midfoot
  • Hindfoot
  • Hand and Wrist


Designed to address:

  • Fixation of Small Bone Fragments in Fresh Fractures, Revision Procedures, Joint Fusion, and Reconstruction

  • High Flex Plates Offer Three-dimensional Contouring

  • High Strength Plates Offer Two-dimensional Contouring  


System features:

In Situ Contouring

  • High Flex Plates: 3-dimensional contouring designed to help match the most complex bone surfaces (Sagittal, Axial, and Coronal) 
  • High Strength Plates: 2-dimensional contouring to provide increased plate stiffness over the High Flex design (Axial and Coronal) 


Locking Technology 

  • Locking peg technology helps to provide a strong and stable construct 
  • Non-locking screw options are also available 


F.A.S.T. Guides

  • Pre-loaded disposable drill guides 
  • Efficiency in the OR
  • Provides leverage for contouring 





  • The high flex plates offer three-dimensional contouring designed to help facilitate matching of the most complex bone surfaces. Bending is possible in the axial, coronal, and sagittal planes.


  • The high strength plates offer two-dimensional contouring, providing increased plate stiffness over the high flex design. Bending is possible in the axial and coronal planes. The system also includes locking peg technology designed to provide a strong and stable construct. 


  •  The plate can be initially fastened to the bone, and then contoured, or may be bent initially to allow for insertion into a concavity such as the neck of the metatarsals. 


F3® Fragment Plating System