3.0mm Cannulated Screw System

The 3.0mm Cannulated Screw System is part of a series of cannulated screws ranging from 3.0 to 8.0mm.  Matching a combination of screw options with necessary instrumentation, the system is designed to provide convenience and flexibility for the orthopaedic surgeon and the OR staff.  Consistent with all Zimmer Biomet plates, the screws are type 2 anodized titanium alloy material which has been shown in mechanical testing1, to have increased fatigue strength compared to 316L electropolished stainless steel, type 1 anodized titanium (color), and machined titanium.  This system is truly designed with the surgeon in mind. 


  • Forefoot


  • Reconstruction 
  • Fractures in the forefoot

System Features

  • Type 2 anodized titanium alloy material is designed to increase fatigue1 strength over 316L stainless steel, Type 1 anodized (color) titanium, and machined titanium.


  • 1.1mm guide wire – CoCr material for wire rigidity over stainless steel.


  • Low profile: heads to minimize soft tissue irritation.


  • Hexalobular head designed to improve torque over hex design


  • Combined Depth Gauge w/ Countersink saves time in the OR by performing 2 steps in one.





  • The system consists of screw options ranging from 3.0 to 8.0 mm, matching each option with necessary instrumentation designed to provide convenience and flexibility for the surgeon and OR staff.


  • Screws offer TiMax® surface treatment which have been shown in mechanical testing, to have increased fatigue strength compared to 316L electropolished stainless steel, type 1 anodized titanium and machined titanium.1

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