Maximizing tension control with minimal tissue disruption

Enhance intraoperative flexibility and surgeon choice.


  • Hip and Femur

Product Type

  • Cables


  • The multi-strand cable configured with a 19 x 7 bundling is designed to provide static tensile and fatigue strength. 


  • The instrumentation allows the surgeon to adjust the tension to accommodate specific patient conditions. 


  • The Cable-Ready Cable Grip System offers a wide variety of bone plates and attachment devices that incorporate cables that are designed for secure fixation. 


Leading the way to a new approach, the DVR plate is designed to help restore motion to patients worldwide – in the everyday activities that are driven by the hand and wrist. 


  • Tensioner and Cable Crimp Mechanism

Designed to help minimize tension loss after tightening.


  • Variable Cable Options

Cables available in 1.3mm and 1.8mm diameters


  • Minimally Invasive

Implants and instruments are designed for minimizing invasion at the would site.  


  • Cable Buttons 

Cable button add ons to facilitate the use of cables with NCB and Zimmer Periarticular plates.  


Cable-ready System Surgical Technique