Creating Surgical Control

STABLECUT®  Blade tooth configurations are designed to create surgical control by:

  • Stabilizing erratic motion
  • Minimizing heat during bone resection
  • Minimizing potential for thermal necrosis

Short Stem Lenght

  • Designed for minimally invassive surigal approaches and reduces the need for multiple proximal profile options

PPS Coating

  • Applied to the proximal portion of the stem PPS coating is designed for initial scratch-fit stability and long-term biological fixation

Full and Reduced Proximal Profile Options

  • Including 2 reduced proximal profile sizing options to accomodate varying anatomies

Reduced Proximal Profile

  • Designed for optimal fir for Type C or stive top canal often associated with elderly hip fracture patients

Pilished Bullet-shaped Distal Tip

  • Provides a gradual separation from the cortext intedned to reduce distal stresses

There’s more to a surgical blade than the sharpness of its teeth. Designed to create surgical control, Zimmer Biomet’s surgical saw blades stabilize erratic motion, minimize heat during bone resection, and therefore, minimize the potential for thermal necrosis.


Available in a broad range of sizes and tooth configurations, each size and tooth configuration is designed to achieve straight, accurate, clean-cut surfaces necessary for proper implant seating. We offer a variety of blade designs to accommodate a variety of reconstructive surgery needs.


Coarse Aggressive GTS Blade

  • The wide debris relief channel is designed to guide bone fragments away from the cutting action, helping to decrease skiving.

Flat Blade

  • Flat blades tend to progress through the bone more slowly and are regarded as less aggressive.

GTS Blade

  • Designed to offer an optimal cutting performance and a clean-cut by using a flat, thick material for the saw blade, then grinding and offsetting the teeth.

Ribbed Blade

  • The teeth are set in an alternating vertical pattern, creating a pathway for debris, and designed for a more aggressive cut

Tooth Set Blade 

  • Tooth Set blades have teeth that are set in an alternating vertical pattern creating pathways for debris.

Tiger Blade

  • Our tooth pattern is designed for a balance of precision and aggressiveness.

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