Versatile from Grip to Tip

The Pulsavac® Plus Wound Debridement System and Pulsavac Plus AC wound debridement systems offer versatile solutions to wound irrigation and wound suction cleaning.

Pulsavac Plus AC

When Less Means More

  • The Pulsavac Plus AC System is a disposable, environmentally friendly system that includes a lightweight hand piece, a variety of tips, and a reusable AC power pack that eliminates the need for batteries.
  • Our AC system saves your facility money by eliminating the expense of battery waste all while providing the pulsed lavage performance you’re accustomed to.
  • Ideal for use in the operating room and orthopedic surgeries, the Pulsavac Plus effectively cleans bone cement debris during total joint procedures.


Pulsavac Plus Wound Debridement

Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System