All-Inside, All-Suture, Knotless

To continue the legacy of innovation utilizing soft anchor technology throughout the body, Zimmer Biomet Sports Medicine development team designed the JuggerStitch meniscal device. An all-inside, all-suture, knotless meniscal implant, the JuggerStitch device’s delivery system is ergonomically designed to allow for easy implant insertion.

System Features

Ergonomic Delivery Mechanism

Allows for quick and simple implant deployment




Low Profile Taper Tip Needle

Intended to minimize cutting the meniscal tissue during insertion

All Suture, Knotless Implant

Allows for controlled tensioning while eliminating rigid plastic anchors and hard meniscal surface knots


JuggerStitch Vertical Mattress Technique Video

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JuggerStitch Surgical Technique Animation

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