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JuggerKnot-All-Suture-Anchor-Zimmer Biomet EU JuggerKnot-All-Suture-Anchor-Zimmer Biomet EU

The introduction of the 1.4 mm JuggerKnot All-Suture Anchor in 2009 revolutionized soft tissue fixation in Sports Medicine, and we continue to innovate. This award winning1 100% suture based anchor system has quickly evolved into a family of anchors that offers one of the broadest ranges of options on the market for a multitude of different procedures.

Clinical Results

  • One study of 18 patients, performed with the 1.4 mm anchor, demonstrated clinically improved patient outcomes and fibrous tissue, complete bony healing or combined fibro-osseous healing in the anchor tunnel2


  • Gain access to a robust soft anchor system on the market, which includes seven different size offerings and size specific instrumentation.


  • High pullout strength ranging from 20-120 lbs., depending on size of anchor3,4


JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-2.9 mm

  • Most commonly utilized for soft tissue to bone fixation in the shoulder

  • Designed with a custom braid polyester sleeve and double loaded with #2 MaxBraid™ suture

  • 120 lbs. anchor pullout strength4

JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-2.9 mm with Needles*

  • Most commonly utilized for mini open soft tissue to bone fixation in the shoulder
  • Designed with a custom braid polyester sleeve, double loaded with #2 MaxBraid suture, and loaded with two tapered or cutting needles to assist with the re-attachment of tissue to bone
  • Guideless design and less working length of inserter for surgeon preference
  • 120 lbs. anchor pullout strength3

JuggerKnot Soft Anchor 1.5 mm

  • Designed with a #6 polyester sleeve and loaded with a #2 MaxBraid suture

  • 65 lbs. anchor pullout strength in cortical bone2

  • Unique instrumentation includes:
    • Curved: 23˚ curvature allowing the ability to drill a hole perpendicular to bone surface at anchor site
    • Percutaneous: Anchor may be inserted into the skin through a 2.4mm diameter guide, in order to minimize tissue trauma 
    • Centering Sleeve: Designed to assist with consistent anchor placement via the curved guide by centering anchor in the drill hole


Rotator Cuff Repair with JuggerKnot 2.9mm Animation

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