The AperFix II Tibial Sheath & Screw System introduces a reliable, anatomic approach to soft tissue multiligament tibial fixation. The unique, cannulated design of AperFix II Tibial Sheath & Screw System allows for easy implementation and precise positioning.


Circumferential Graft Compression

  • Active from the joint space to the cortex

Simple, Reproducible Technique

  • Allows for easy insertion  and consistent results

Graft Preservations

  • Two-part sheath protects graft during implementation with aligned sheath and screw thread pitch that is designed to resist migration into the joint space

Over 1000N Fixation Strength 1

  • Supports a strong, rigid reconstruction




AperFix II Tibial Animation

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Anatomic Positioning of AperFix ACL System

AperFix System Removal Animation

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Graft Passing with AperFix ACL System

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