As the first patient-matched glenoid implant cleared to specifically treat patients with a severely deficient rotator cuff and extensive bone loss which precludes the use of a standard glenoid baseplate, VRS expands your surgical opportunities with precision solutions that fit the unique needs of each patient.

Through the use of CT imaging and advanced 3D reconstruction techniques, this system allows you to craft treatments specifically tailored to your patient’s anatomy. There’s confidence in knowing exactly how to handle what’s in front of you and VRS brings this confidence to every procedure.


VRS delivers a truly comprehensive surgical experience that fully considers the clinical needs of both you and your patients through:

  • Extensive preoperative planning and development process
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Streamlined surgical experience
  • Viable alternative treatment option to bone grafting or hemi-arthroplasty




Comprehensive Vault Reconstruction System Surgical Technique Animation

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